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What is Ben S. Solutions de Change? What services are on offer?

Ben S. Solutions de Change is the result of the merger of two brands of FANIRO SARL, a Genevan company founded in 2004: namely Ben S. Shop & Change and Ben S. Digital Change. Our company provides banknote exchange via its physical branches as well as online currency exchange through its Ben S. Digital Change solution at some of the most competitive rates on the market, and that goes for both aforementioned channels.

What exchange rate will be applied to my transaction?

We invite you to use the simulator in your customer account in order to get the current exchange rate for indicative purposes. That rate will be the market exchange rate at the time of receiving the funds in our Ben S. Digital Change account, plus our margins that you will find on our prices page.

If Ben S. Solutions de Change offers such advantageous rates, how does it make money?

Ben S. allows its physical and digital customers to benefit from its direct access to the Forex (Foreign Exchange) market via its banking partners. We apply minimal margins to the rates received. Our company also has an efficient but light structure. All these aspects enable our customers to benefit from the best rates.

What customer profiles do you accept?

We work with individuals, frontier workers and companies. Discover the list of eligible countries and citizens here.

How can I be sure the money is transferred securely?

Money transfers and currency exchange transactions are made via your bank’s platform and that of our financial partner (bank). The aim is to achieve strictly the same level of security as when you conduct your transactions via your own banking platform.

Do I need to close my Swiss bank account to be able to use your services?

No, there is absolutely no need for you to close your bank accounts.

I don't have a computer, can I still use Ben S. Digital Change?

Yes, you can use our Ben S. Digital Change services from your smartphone thanks to our app, available on IOS and on Android. You can therefore log into your Ben S. Digital Change account whenever you want and wherever you want.

Is there an express service that enables you to receive funds the same day in case of emergency?

Yes, there is an express service enabling you to receive your funds the same day, however, this service incurs extra charges for the customer.

What currencies can I convert with Ben S. Digital Change?

For now, only euros.

Will I receive electronic proof confirming my transfer?

Yes. Once the transaction has been made, you will receive a confirmation email of the transaction. You can access this transaction from your customer account.

How can I check that you have received the funds?

You can reach our customer service team at all times. Moreover, if we haven't received your funds in our bank within 48 hours of your currency exchange request, (except on weekends and public holidays), our team will contact you.

Why should I create an online account if I’m used to visiting your physical branches?

We want to offer the best currency exchange at the best rate both within our digital platform and in our Physical Branches We urge you to read our comparative table about this. We’re opting for an omnichannel strategy. Hence our slogan, how are you exchanging?

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