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How does our Euro to Swiss Franc conversion service work?

Step 01
5 Min.

Create your customer area
(only the first time)

Step 02
2 min.

Enter your bank details

Step 03
2 min.

Create a new transaction

Register securely and free of charge, in just a few clicks

Step 04
2 min.

Send us your funds

Step 05
1 min.

We’ll exchange your funds

Step 06
+/- 24 h

We’ll send you your converted funds

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Bens Char
Ss 01

1. Create your customer area
(only the first time)

  • Enter your personal data
  • Take a Selfie
  • Upload your ID
  • Upload your proof of address
  • No registration fees
  • No transaction fees
  • No account fees
  • No closing fees
Ss 02

2. Save your bank details

Bank accounts

  • Provide the IBAN of your origin account
  • Provide the IBAN of your destination account
Ss 03

3. Create a new transaction

1- Information about your transaction

  • Select the currency you wish to convert and enter the amount to exchange
  • Select the currency you wish to receive
  • Enter your promo code if you have one
  • Fill in the source of your funds and the reason for your transaction.

2- Bank accounts

  • Select the bank account from which you wish to send your funds
  • Select the bank account in which you wish to receive your funds

3- Check your transaction and confirm

Ss 04

4. Send us your funds

Verifying & Sending funds from your e-banking platform

Log in to your foreign exchange request. Make a bank transfer to our Ben S. Digital Change account. We recommend that you take note of your transaction reference to simplify the processing of your foreign exchange request

You’ll find our bank details in your customer area under the tab “Our bank details”


We never debit your account. So make sure you send your money to our destination accounts.

Ss 05

5. Converting your funds

We’ll take care of the rest.

  • The exchange rate applied will be the market exchange rate at the time of receiving the funds in our Ben S. Digital Change account, plus our margins that you can find on our price page.
  • Your funds will be converted and will arrive in your destination account, generally within 24 hours.
Ss 06

6. Receiving your money

We send you your money: Converted into CHF or EUR!

  • You’ll receive electronic proof upon receipt, confirming your foreign exchange transaction
  • Between the moment you create the transfer, and the moment you receive your converted money, 24 to 48 hours may elapse.
    E.g. If you transfer your funds Friday afternoon, your transaction will be processed the following Monday. You’ll therefore receive your funds 24 to 48 hours after this date.

On your marks, get set, exchange!

Why use digital exchange to convert your Swiss francs into euros?



You can exchange your money whenever you want, wherever you want. There’s no specific place or time to convert your salary into euros. Wherever you are, thanks to our Ben S. Digital Change app, you can make a transaction. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone



There is no longer any risk associated with handling assets, such as the loss or theft of your cash. Moreover, we have taken out insurance cover with a big company in Switzerland to prevent any potential risk.



It saves you time and money. In addition to benefiting from a better CHF-EUR exchange rate than in physical currency exchange offices, you won’t have to visit an ATM, queue in the currency exchange office, put up with traffic jams or work around opening hours... For your recurring transactions, you can automate your transactions. What more could you ask for?

Bens Char

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