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Strike the balance between user-friendliness and security to ensure a hassle-free Swiss Franc to Euro conversion

Our team is delighted to have developed a digital exchange solution in order to be able to satisfy new demand, while preserving all the values that make the current success of Ben S. Shop & Change

Ben S. Digital Change is a simple, quick, and completely secure solution to exchange your CHF into EUR at the best exchange rate. It is intended for frontier workers, individuals as well as companies, depending on their needs.

It is a trademark of FANIRO SARL, a company that has been renowned in Geneva for 57 years. It complements the Ben S. Shop & Change concept, established over 20 years ago. It has partnerships with renowned Swiss banks and is a member of ARIF, a self-regulatory body approved by the Swiss supervisory authority FINMA.

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Company values



The company's mission is to create the best possible work environment in a multicultural setting. We are committed to our customers and our employees. The exchange of different languages and cultures is a key strength that reinforces human relationships and fosters togetherness within our teams.



Our employees are determined to meet the needs of our customers and display exceptional professionalism. Team spirit is the key to innovating together and living up to our customers' ambitions.



We strive for excellence: to be the best foreign exchange service. We are committed to continuous improvement.



Rather than comparing, we leave it to you. We are completely transparent about our prices, about the protection of your data, about security... Our customers’ satisfaction is reflected in their testimonials on Trustpilot.


Close to you

Our primary objective is to be close to our customers and to provide them with the right solutions under the best conditions. There are several Ben S. Shop & Change branches located in Greater Geneva in order to meet your needs.



We built our company as a dynamic, family-oriented business in Greater Geneva. Our values are firmly geared towards the technologies of the future, while guaranteeing today’s achievements.

Our history

Mr Ben S. begins his career as a petrol pump attendant at the Esso petrol station in Perly.
Mrs Ben S. finds a job in the competing AGIP petrol station just opposite.
Mr and Mrs Ben S. get married. Mrs Ben S. quits her job at AGIP to join the Esso petrol station.
They set up a currency exchange service in the petrol station shop.
Mr and Mrs Ben S. take over the management of the Esso petrol station.
Mr and Mrs Ben S. become the owners of the Esso petrol station.
Their son joins the family business.
The Ben S. family put an end to their collaboration with Esso Suisse and establish their own brand - Station Service Ben S.
The company changes its brand name and becomes Ben S. Shop & Change.
They take over the Thônex petrol station located on the French border and instate the Ben S. Shop & Change concept.
They take over the Chancy petrol station and instate the Ben S. Shop & Change concept.
The Ben S. family create a currency exchange office in Plainpalais.
The Ben S. family establish a currency exchange office in Eaux-vives, near CEVA.
Their son creates a digital exchange platform: Ben S. Digital Change.