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Boost your Swiss Franc to Euro exchange with our Referral Program

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Boost your exchange with the referral programme

Participate in the success of Ben S. Digital by referring your family and friends and, in return, receive the fruits of your efforts. We will credit BDPs on your Ben S. Digital Rewards loyalty space but also on that of your family and friends. With each referral, you will get closer and closer to the very exclusive club of our privileged clients who have obtained Gold status.

Invite family and friends

Why should you recommend Ben S. Digital Change to your friends and family?

In addition to taking advantage of the best rates on the market, you are rewarded in BDPs
1 BDP = 1 CHF

Each person registering on Ben S. Digital Change from your referral link or your referrer code will earn you 30 or 40 BDPs, or CHF 30 or 40 depending on your status

Your family and friends are rewarded: they will see their balance credited with 20 BDPs as soon as their client area is validated

You have the possibility of becoming a Gold member and benefiting from the advantages exclusive to this status from your 5th referral.

Invite friends and family

How does it work?

Invite your friends and family in 3 steps


Share your referrer code or your referral link with your friends and family


They must use this link to register, or enter your referrer code when registering


Your BDPs are paid into your Ben S. Digital Rewards account from CHF 4,000 of exchange made by the referred person

Invite friends and family

They chose Ben S. Digital Change and share their experience

Start now
Un client qui change 6’000.- franc suisses par mois économise  en moyenne  900 euros par année
Every year, Kevin benefits from CHF 240 in addition to the best rates by referring his friends and family!

Do you have any questions?

Here are the 4 most common questions:

How long are my BDPs valid for? Where can I find my referrer code? How can I share my referrer code with my friends and family? Is there a maximum number of referrals?

Boost your exchange with Ben S. Digital Reward

Earn BDPs by referring your family and friends

Refer family and friends

Do you have a question about our services or our digital platform? We invite you to consult our FAQs, which list all the recurring questions.


You can’t find the answer in our FAQs?

Do not panic! Our team is able to answer all your questions with a smile, by e-mail or by telephone.