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Rates and Margins applied to our CHF to EUR exchange rates

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Below, we briefly explain how our exchange rate is calculated

Interbank exchange rate


Small Ben S. margin


Ben S. Digital Change Exchange Rate

Examples :

Up to CHF 50,000

Interbank rate : 0,96550
Our margins : 0,42 %
Applied exchange rate : 0,96955

From CHF 50,000.00 to CHF 99,999.99

Interbank rate : 0,96550
Our margins : 0,39 %
Applied exchange rate : 0,96927

From CHF 100,000.00 to CHF 499,999.99

Interbank rate : 0,96550
Our margins : 0,25 %
Applied exchange rate : 0,96791

How does Ben S. Digital Change make money?

Ben S. allows its digital customers to benefit from its direct access to the Forex (Foreign Exchange) market via its banking partners. We apply minimal margins to the rate obtained. These margins are discounted based on the amount of the foreign exchange transaction. All these aspects enable our customers to benefit from the best rates.


Our exchange rates

Below you’ll find precise tables concerning our prices. We can currently offer you competitive rates on the CHF-EUR currency pair.

Our Prices
Amount to exchange Ben S. Digital Change Margin Extra Charges
Under CHF 1,000 0.42% CHF 5 None
From CHF 1,000 to CHF 49,999.99 0.42% None
From CHF 50,000.00 to CHF 99,999.99 0.39% None
From CHF 100,000.00 to CHF 499,999.99 0.39% None
From CHF 100,000.00 to CHF 499,999.99 0.25% None
Over CHF 500,000
Transfer fee
Contact us None
SEPA Standard 0 CHF -

Bank charges in the SEPA area

When you convert CHF into EUR, our policy guarantees that you won't have any transaction fees. However, we do urge you to enquire with your bank to ensure you don't incur third-party charges in spite of the fact that in the SEPA area, receiving euros is free.

A customer who exchanges 6,000.- Swiss francs per month saves on average 900.- euros per year

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