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Simulate your currency exchange with our Swiss Franc to Euro converter and save on every transaction


Ben S. Digital Change makes life easier for you by giving you the best exchange rate possible to pay your invoices abroad. Convert your currencies with Ben S. Digital Change at the best market rate, in a simple, quick and secure way. You can then pay your suppliers with peace of mind.

Whatever the reason for your transaction, you will benefit from the expertise of our staff and from both advantageous and discounted rates depending on the volume of your transactions.


Does your company buy or sell goods outside of Switzerland?

Thanks to our attractive exchange rates, you can negotiate with companies in Europe, without being subjected to any fees during your exchange transactions.

Are you an SME based in Switzerland and you want to buy goods or order a machine in Europe?

Our digital exchange experts will be able to provide you with support, from creating your company account to making international transactions.

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Our online currency exchange service will facilitate the conversion of your Swiss francs into euros, or of your euros into Swiss francs, without any fees or any obligation on your part.

At your request, we will transfer your funds after converting them and we will send them to the destination account you provided within the established time frames (generally 24 h, working days).

Whether you’re a small or large company, your professional projects can therefore develop in the most profitable way.

Our services are adapted to your needs so you can pay your suppliers in Swiss francs or in euros.


We prioritise your conversion needs

In order to support your company as best we can, we do everything in our power to provide you with fair rates.


  • You’re an international travel agency and you must regularly make payments to make bookings for your customers (in euros)

  • You are an SME based in Switzerland and you want to buy goods or order a machine in Europe

Remain competitive and boost your growth by facilitating payments to suppliers and other European partners thanks to the savings made using our online foreign exchange service. With our increasingly flexible digital solution, you benefit from better EUR/CHF conversion rates for your projects.

So by using our services, you can avoid the fees imposed by banks and classic institutions.

Remember that every company can exchange its own funds into a foreign currency in order to pay its suppliers

A customer who exchanges 6,000.- Swiss francs per month saves on average 900.- euros per year

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