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Making a success of your international business

In order to spare you the often lengthy wait for an ordinary bank transfer, the often high interbank fees, and all the complexities of traditional financial institutions, we’re providing you with the services of a financial company with 57 years experience, that is well-reputed in the Canton of Geneva. Our online currency exchange solution will make it easier for you to convert your Swiss francs into euros and vice versa, without any additional fees.

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Your transactions will be made in the simplest way possible, from Swiss francs into euros and from euros into Swiss francs. Whether it’s for regular or one-off transactions, you will be able to choose the amount and the currency of the transfer you wish to make (CHF/EUR- EUR/CHF).

You are free to exchange your currencies whenever and wherever you want, without fees. On your request, we convert your funds upon receipt of them, and we send them to the professional account you provided in the requested currency.

Your preferred solution for transactions in Europe


Our digital currency exchange specialists facilitate your financial transactions in Europe, enabling you to buy and sell, by converting your Swiss francs into euros or your euros into Swiss francs, at the best market rate.

No need to visit your bank or a physical currency exchange anymore.

Ben S. Digital Change provides you with conversion rates as close as possible to the interbank rate. We wanted our margins to be extremely small, in order to position ourselves as a leader.

What’s more, you get to benefit from customer service worthy of your projects:

  • Our platform is simple, quick and effective.
  • Our advisers are available to you by email, telephone or in our branches.

Whether you're importing/exporting goods or raw materials, or whether you want to buy a vehicle abroad, our digital foreign exchange offers remain the least expensive of the current market.

You will therefore be able to conduct your transactions and your business in Europe without having to worry about and monitor exchange rates, so you can focus solely on what matters.

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With full transparency and paying attention to your needs, Ben S. Digital Change offers you attractive solutions to facilitate your goals.

Convert your CHF into EUR with ease and enjoy the benefits our rates give you for buying and selling internationally.

With no hidden fees for converting your currencies, we will support you as best we can in your various projects abroad by relying on the networks of our partners, big Swiss banks, with which we’ve been working for years.

A customer who exchanges 6,000.- Swiss francs per month saves on average 900.- euros per year

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