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FAQ - Registration

Are there are registration fees to pay?

No, you will have no fees to pay when you register. Registering is totally free, without obligation and takes just a few clicks.

Are there any other fees?

At Ben S. Digital Change, you won't have any registration fees, account fees, transaction fees or closing fees.

How can I make sure that there are no hidden fees?

Transparency is the key word for Ben S. Digital Change’s approach. We would like to point out that certain destination banks can charge extra fees.

Which documents must be sent upon registration? In which format?

In order to open your account, you must send us a copy your valid passport or ID card, as well as proof of address dating back no more than 3 months. Please also send us the details of your origin account and destination account. The contract must be returned to us in PDF format. The other documents can be sent in JPG or PNG format.

As a company, do I have to provide any other documents?

Yes, a copy of the trade register from your home country.
Form K, available on our website.
Moreover, we will need to identify the authorised signatories for the company.

What forms of ID are accepted?

We accept all valid passports or ID cards, from whichever country.

I haven’t received the confirmation code via text, what should I do?

Please check that you have good network. If you still haven’t received a code, please contact our customer service team at: [email protected] You can receive a new code by clicking on get a new code.

Can I complete my registration later without having to start from scratch again?

Yes, you can complete your registration later.

Will I receive a bank card?

No, you won’t receive a bank card for our services.

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