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If you’re buying or selling property, Ben S. Digital Change can support you by focusing on your need for speed, simplicity and security.

Do you want to buy property in Europe without being subjected to the countless bank charges related to converting your Swiss francs into euros? Thanks to our small margins, you’ll make loads of savings. It will therefore be possible for you to buy somewhere a little larger or more in line with your dreams. Buying property, as we all know, is such a huge investment, so alleviating the financial costs of your projects cannot be overstated. It is already synonymous with a very complex process that requires huge investment. It is therefore wise to call upon our team of experts here at Ben S. Digital Change to alleviate the financial costs of your real estate projects.

With one of the most advantageous exchange rates, your real estate transactions will be more profitable and enable you to focus on what matters most.

We apply small margins by working with large volumes via our banking partner.

We offer complete transparency about our exchange rates and our currency exchange process.

We work with all our partners to provide you with the best experience possible in terms of real estate transactions in Europe, by giving you great savings.

On a real estate transaction of a certain size, the savings you’ll make thanks to our rates will be in the tenths of a percent, and therefore in thousands of euros.


Make savings on buying or selling your property

Our online foreign exchange service enables you to make real estate transactions between Switzerland and all the countries in the eurozone and to convert CHF assets into EUR or EUR into CHF... In other words, that gives you a wide range of possibilities. We provide tailored solutions for transferring and converting the funds you need for buying and selling property.

We offer a rate that is clearly better than in physical currency exchange offices, while avoiding the excessive fees imposed by banks.

The Ben S. Digital Change team therefore offers you a comprehensive service, with no hidden fees, to give you the best support in your real estate project in Switzerland or in Europe.

A customer who exchanges 6,000.- Swiss francs per month saves on average 900.- euros per year

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