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LEGAL NOTICE - Ben S. Digital Change

The provisions below are an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Ben S. Digital Change (

1. Liability exclusion clause

Any liability on the part of Ben S. Digital Change shall be excluded within the limits of the law.

Ben S. Digital Change shall under no circumstances be liable for the compliance or compatibility of its Platform with the Customer’s hardware and software, and for the consequences that the Platform may have on the Customer’s hardware and software.

Ben S. Digital Change shall under no circumstances be liable for any damage caused by viruses or any other technological attack that may occur.

2. No offer or advice provided

The information that appears on the Ben S. Digital Change website is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as advice, an invitation, an offer or a solicitation in relation to currency exchange.

Nothing on the site represents or is intended to represent financial, legal, accounting or tax advice.

3. Accuracy of information disclaimer

Ben S. Digital Change does not give any express or implied guarantee as to the accuracy or completeness of the information made available on its website.

No liability is accepted for any damage, direct or indirect, which may result from the use of the information contained on the website of Ben S. Digital Change.

Under no circumstances will the data be sold, exchanged, transferred or provided to other companies.

4. Data storage

The data is stored on Sumsub's servers in Germany.

Ben S. Digital Change, and any other company it subcontracts, stores data in a secure environment for as long as is necessary to provide its service and meet its legal obligations.

Ben S. Digital Change shall under no circumstances be liable for the tax consequences of transactions carried out via the Platform.

4. Access restrictions

Access to the website and available material is not permitted to natural or legal persons who, by virtue of their jurisdiction (owing to their domicile, residence, nationality, place of business or otherwise) are subject to restrictive regulations according to which the consultation of the website by the user, the publication or provision of information by Ben S. Digital Change would result in a violation of applicable laws and regulations.

Ben S. Digital Change shall not be liable for any claims that may arise under foreign law in connection with the access and use of the Platform from abroad. Moreover, the Customer undertakes to make good any damage done to Ben S. Digital Change in such circumstances.

5. Links to external websites

The www. website may contain links towards external and/or third-party websites. These links are provided to inform or assist users. Ben S. Digital Change has no control over the information, products and services offered or the privacy policies adopted on these websites. As a result, Ben S. Digital Change assumes no liability for the content of these web pages.

Each “linked” website has its own privacy policy over which Ben S. Digital Change has no control. Users are therefore urged to carefully examine the privacy policies adopted by each website.

Ben S. Digital Change gives no guarantee in relation to these websites and declines any responsibility concerning these third-party websites. Each user is responsible for their own decision to consult these websites.

6. Intellectual property

All trademarks and other distinctive signs that may be used on the Site or to which reference is made belong to Ben S. Digital Change or to their respective owners.

Access to the Site does not give the user the right to use these trademarks and distinctive signs without the written authorisation of their respective and legitimate owners.

The Customer receives a non-transferable and non-exclusive right to use the Platform for the duration of the contract. The content and scope of this use is defined by the contractual provisions between the Customer and Ben S. Digital Change.

6. Intellectual property

Swiss law is applicable to the legal relationship between the Customer and Ben S. Digital Change. In the event of a dispute, the exclusive place of jurisdiction is Geneva.

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